The Bhutan Yeti

The land of Bhutan is one filled with many mysteries. One of which being the mystery of true happiness. On the other side of the spectrum is the mystery of what the Bhutan people fear the most. The yeti.

In several interviews the people of Bhutan speak of the yeti with both fear and respect. They say that if the Yeti makes eye contact with you death will find you very soon. These people do not seek the yeti. They rather avoid the creature. They do have a very large area of the land set aside as a yeti sanctuary. A portion of the land given to this lucid creature to live the way it wants to without any issues or trouble from the people of the land.

To other people who do not know the ways of the Bhutan people are intrigued by this beast that we cannot document. So what do we do, we seek out to find the yeti and prove it is real. Has anyone done it yet? No. Will they ever? Perhaps.

To even get to the heart of the area dedicated to the yeti you must fly into Bhutan on one of two planes, through the narrow passage between the Himalayan mountains. Then it is a seventeen-hour drive to the point where you cannot drive any more. So you set off on foot, or raft if you dare the waters. Back on foot. With all your gear to camp and survey whatever Yeti findings you might find this is no easy walk in the park.

Once in the sanctuary of the yeti you will find yourself in the same green lush habitat all of Bhutan has, but this is reserved for the Yeti. All wild life is protected here. With the deep vegetation of Bhutan to spot any wild life is quite hard. It is known that large cats live in the forest, and Asian bears. Many large creatures that could be mistaken for the Yeti.

There are people with molds and photographs of the tracks left behind by the Yeti. Hair, or fur, has been recovered matching almost human DNA but not any that can be pinned down to one animal in particular.

The mystery of the yeti may never be solved, maybe it doesn’t need to be solved. If we were able to capture an actual image of the Yeti on film or photograph or even a yeti its self, what would we do with that knowledge? We would dissect it try to capture it and dissect it. Find out its ways of living in such a harsh terrain. Raise young. It is believed that the Yeti walks up right like a human, but obviously is more agile. The land is green and lush, but also has rocks, rushing rivers, steep rock faces, straight drops. How does a creature who is human like, manage to raise young in such harsh living conditions?

If your traveling to Bhutan to hunt the Yeti for yourself be sure you are prepared and have all your information straight before you jump in. Be in good physical health and most of all enjoy your trip to Bhutan hopefully you can find your happiness and your yeti.

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