Bhutan’s National Sport

Archery BhutanFor centuries the national sport of Bhutan has been archery. This skill has undoubtedly been passed down generation to generation for centuries now not only as a pass time but as a means of hunting and life sustaining needs.

The bow and arrow has been the weapon of hunting small game all the way up to big game since nearly the beginning of time. So it is not surprising that it is number one in Bhutan.

Bhutan seems to be a highly intelligent country, using its own resources without hurting their land, only taking what they need, and keeping their national sport relevant to their history and life.

If ever the world as we know it stopped functioning, as in electronics, power grids, etc. Bhutan would be just fine. With the vast terrain of their land, respect and protection they have given to their lands, and continual farming, as opposed to the decrease in farm land the US has, the people of Bhutan would be just fine.

Having a national sport relevant to hunting is a sport all people can get behind. It is not just a matter of liking football versus baseball where grown men get paid to play a game of leisure. Archery is an actual life skill taught to the people of Bhutan. The sporting event comes into play when they are shooting their bow and arrows at a target to see who can be more precise. Now the American sports fans might think this is a ridiculous but it is far beyond childish when people pay hundreds of dollars to watch teams of men play with a sports ball.

Respect must be given to this country for instilling history, skill, and sportsmanship into the national sport. It is nothing less than genius to teach these things to the future generations who want to become like the archers they grow up watching.

Just like American sports, people gather by the hundreds or thousands in arenas to watch these archery events. The contestants are graded on accuracy, speed, and agility.

Imagine if you can for a moment the long line of bow and arrow development the people of Bhutan have seen. From the most basic bows to the artful hand crafted bows, all the way to the lightweight fiberglass bows with added assistance and technology added in.

The sheer strength and concentration of an archer is breath taking. To be able to hold the tension of a bow while aiming silently and precisely at the target waiting for the exact perfect moment to release your arrow propelling towards your target at rapid speed hoping to strike at the exact right location to either earn the points needed for the sport or to kill the game animal you are hunting. In the hunting world not only must you have the skills listed above you must also be a skilled tracker to find the hunted easily, while going undetected yourself.

I applaud the country of Bhutan for upholding their history, encouraging the future generations, and partaking in a sport that actually holds merit in the real world.

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