Bhutan: Singularity

The land of Bhutan is unique in several ways. The people of Bhutan have what seems to be true happiness. Let us explore a few interesting facts as to why this may be.

  1. The people of Bhutan claim to have one singular religion. Buddhism. Can this contribute to national happiness? Consider the fact that everyone knows and believes the same parameters of religion. There are no contradicting opinions. The rules to the religion are known by everyone. Everyone works together as a whole unit to achieve the goals of the religion. One out of every hundred people in Bhutan is a monk. That is an extraordinary figure.
  2. The main goal of the Bhutan government is national happiness. Can you imagine the goal of the government here being our happiness? They do not put much value into the cost of things or material things at all for that matter. Working to earn money is just a means to life so they are able to achieve happiness.
  3. Virgin forest. The land scape of Bhutan is over eighty percent pure virgin forest. Naturally grown and left alone to its own devices. Our country is lacking pure oxygen. Bhutan has an overabundance of clean air. Imagine how it must feel to take a breath of this air compared to ours. Don’t you think it would literally be a breath of fresh air.? This must contribute to their happiness too.
  4. Free education and free healthcare. The government of Bhutan takes care of its people. To not have to worry about education or healthcare would relieve a great amount of stress off those who do not have it given to them by the government just for being a citizen.
  5. Control over who comes into the Bhutan land. In order to travel into Bhutan, you must have a vacation visa granted to you by the Bhutan government. It can take as little as 24 hours to receive this item after your request has been made. The only way to travel in Bhutan is through a Bhutan travel agent. This agent will arrange for all of your accommodations while you are there. Your hotel, your food (three meals a day), your travel, and the places you will go. They have complete control over you while you are there. This is the best for everyone, you can observe their culture, but not disturb it. They can make money from tourist but still, live their lives according to their values and preferences without compromising themselves for travelers. Not to mention there is only one single airline that transports travelers in and out of the Bhutan land.
  6. The country of Bhutan, for the most part, lives off its own lands. Growing its own crops and raising its own livestock imports are not a major need to this land.
  7. The family home will most often house all living generations under one roof. With such great health, this could be up to four or five generations at once. All working and living together in harmony. Taking care of the family work to be done, house hold work, and anything else. Learning from all generations of your blood line and having the joy of watching your family grow day by day must contribute to happiness too right?


So in review. Bhutan has singularity in their religion, government, and family values. Do these things contribute to happiness? You decide.

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