The Bhutan Yeti

The land of Bhutan is one filled with many mysteries. One of which being the mystery of true happiness. On the other side of the spectrum is the mystery of what the Bhutan people fear the most. The yeti.

In several interviews the people of Bhutan speak of the yeti with both fear and respect. They say that if the Yeti makes eye contact with you death will find you very soon. These people do not seek the yeti. They rather avoid the creature. They do have a very large area of the land set aside as a yeti sanctuary. A portion of the land given to this lucid creature to live the way it wants to without any issues or trouble from the people of the land.

To other people who do not know the ways of the Bhutan people are intrigued by this beast that we cannot document. So what do we do, we seek out to find the yeti and prove it is real. Has anyone done it yet? No. Will they ever? Perhaps.

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Bhutan’s National Sport

Archery BhutanFor centuries the national sport of Bhutan has been archery. This skill has undoubtedly been passed down generation to generation for centuries now not only as a pass time but as a means of hunting and life sustaining needs.

The bow and arrow has been the weapon of hunting small game all the way up to big game since nearly the beginning of time. So it is not surprising that it is number one in Bhutan.

Bhutan seems to be a highly intelligent country, using its own resources without hurting their land, only taking what they need, and keeping their national sport relevant to their history and life.

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